Tune of the Month Archive

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September Tune of the Month!
Sadie at the Back Door, by Jere Canote
This was my favorite tune played at least 20 times at a THREE HOUR (!) Old-Time Jam at PAMfest in Peacham, Vermont, in August.

August Tune of the Month!  Nixon’s Farewell – tabbed by Phil Meyers
My NC friend Phil Meyers also tabbed this…after watching my Facebook post of Gary and Toni Sager playing this tune at his mini-concert at Dulcimer U.  Although this tune sounds old-timey, it was written by Curt Bouterse…I’m sure you can figure out when it was written 🙂  Click here for Laurie’s version of Nixon’s Farewell.

TUNE OF THE MONTH FOR JULY? Two tunes, perfect for this month of celebrations and good old summertime fun! Camp Meeting on the 4th of July and Liberty

TUNE OF THE MONTH FOR JUNE?  June Apple, of course!
This one is written in the KEY OF A (capo 4), it’s original key.

MAY TUNE OF THE MONTH – David Beede introduced this tune to me the other night, Printers Waltz by Shelley Stevens.  It’s a sweet little waltz that, as rumor has it, she wrote while waiting for something to print. I found it and many others on her website, https://shelleystevens.com/

Si Bheag Si Mhor
and from last year…My Wild Irish Rose

Let me call you Sweetheart
Leo Friedman composed the music to this perennial Valentine’s favorite and Beth Slater Whitson wrote the lyrics…published in 1910.
and of course, for February…GROUNDHOG!

Auld Lang Syne  Happy New Year!

The first tune, “Shalom Chaverim” is a sweet round played with your CAPO on 1 – I’ve been singing this since being in the Penncrest High School Chorus decades ago!

The second tune, “The Snow lay on the Ground,” is from Tull Glazener‘s free tune of the month page.  There is a melody part and a bass part – both can be played on a standard dulcimer.  Bring one or both!  The bass part is a single line on the bass string and the melody is in chords.

OCTOBER 2018 – Seneca Square Dance
The end of September brought a quick trip to North Carolina for the Celebration Jam in memory of our dear friend, Lil Plumer, who had recently passed away.  Lil Plumer never wanted a funeral; she wanted a party. How do musicians have a party, especially dulcimer players? They jam!

Perfect for an old time jam party and autumn barn dance, here’s Seneca Square Dance inspired by our friend Sharon, who joined Jean, Kay and me for the mountain trip.

A great follow-up to last month’s Cold Frosty Morning, Daggett’s Revenge, composed by Neil Gaston.  I tabbed this one for CAPO 1…enjoy!

It just has to be the infectious tune, Cold Frosty Morning, played incessantly at Sky Valley this June…thanks to Sharon H.  Capo 4 – it’s guaranteed to stick in your brain!

JULY 2018
What else for July, but…Camp Meeting on the 4th of July, bringing to mind the Chester Heights Camp Meeting grounds; Skillman and Pedlow family gatherings of old, imagining the day-long drive out to the Camp Meeting for the families in their Model Ts from Chester and Upland, PA, and tales of my father who said he learned to swim under the train trestle there at Chester Heights as a youth.

JUNE 2018

MAY 2018
Getting ready to run barefooted through sandy beaches?  Sandy Boys

APRIL 2018
Opening day for baseball! Take Me Out to the Ballgame

MARCH 2018
We could all use a little luck of the Irish! My Wild Irish Rose

A variation on the usual love song theme for February, this song celebrates Punxsutawney Phil. Groundhog

Happy New Year to all! Auld Lang Syne