Tune of the Month

It just has to be the infectious tune, Cold Frosty Morning, played incessantly at Sky Valley this June…thanks to Sharon H.  Capo 4 – It’s a challenge!

JULY 2018
What else for July, but…Camp Meeting on the 4th of July, bringing to mind the Chester Heights Camp Meeting grounds; Skillman and Pedlow family gatherings of old, imagining the day-long drive out to the Camp Meeting for the families in their Model Ts from Chester and Upland, PA, and tales of my father who said he learned to swim under the train trestle there at Chester Heights as a youth.

JUNE 2018

MAY 2018
Getting ready to run barefooted through sandy beaches?  Sandy Boys

APRIL 2018
Opening day for baseball! Take Me Out to the Ballgame

MARCH 2018
We could all use a little luck of the Irish! My Wild Irish Rose

A variation on the usual love song theme for February, this song celebrates Punxsutawney Phil. Groundhog

Happy New Year to all! Auld Lang Syne