Sky Valley Dulcimer Retreat

2023 – CAROLYN BRODGINSKI, Artist-in-Residence

Anyone who has ever tuned in to Saturday’s “Send in the Music” session will know that Carolyn Brodginski is a talented dulcimer player, singer, and song-writer…

And she is coming to SKY VALLEY this June to be our Artist-in-Residence this summer!

Workshops, Jams, and a concert – SAVE THE DATE!

June 22-24, 2023

2022 – PAUL ANDRY, Artist in Residence

Bringing his special flair in playing the dulcimer, Paul Andry was our Artist in Residence for June 17-18, 2022!

Morning and Afternoon workshops on the porch, both Friday and Saturday, with Paul Andry. Shawn jumped in on Friday to help with the Cajun rhythm section. There was also lots of time for jams on the porch!

Cajun Waltz, Birth of the Blues, Second Line, J’ai Passe devant ta Porte, Tes Parents, and many, many, many more!!!

2021 – CAROL CROCKER, Artist in Residence

Gorgeous spirituals and Shape-Note songs filled our porch. Carol’s concert to end the day was spectacular!

2020 – MARGARET WRIGHT, Artist in Residence


2019 – JEFF & JANET FURMAN, Artists in Residence

2018 – ANNE LOUGH, Artist-in-Residence

2017 – SARAH KATE MORGAN, Artist-in-Residence


2016 – AARON O’ROURKE, Artist-in-Residence


2015 – AARON O’ROURKE, Artist-in-Residence


2014 – AARON O’ROURKE, Artist-in-Residence


2012 – David Beede and Aaron O’Rourke, Artists-in-Residence



2011 – David Beede and Aaron O’Rourke, Artists-in-Residence