Announcing – Workshops in Melrose!

JimMillerAn Afternoon with Jim Miller!
Jim has been playing and performing traditional music for more than 35 years. An accomplished instrument builder and teacher, he has taught workshops at numerous festivals as well as won many awards for his musicianship.  He plays guitar, banjo, mandocello, bass, steel drum, percussion, autoharp, hammered and mountain dulcimers, as well as his own off-the-wall musical inventions.  Be prepared to to be entertained!!

Sunday – January 27, 2019
Two  hour-long workshops:

  • Playing with a Capo
    What makes an A tune an A tune? Why are some tunes traditionally played in G? Find the answers to these perplexing questions, and learn to play tunes in the keys in which they are traditionally played. This workshop covers fiddle tunes that are not played in D outside of the dulcimer community.
  • Changing keys without a capo
    Want to arrange a tune in two keys? How about starting in one key and modulating to another without using a capo? Learn how to use chord inversions to move to another key and back again.

Concert follows at 4:30pm – open to the public

The fun begins at 1:30pm!  Register for the JIM MILLER WORKSHOP here!

Did I mention that Jim was a multi-instrumentalist?

Did I mention that Jim invented musical instruments?



CongerAn Afternoon with Larry and Elaine Conger!
Larry and Elaine Conger, directors of the acclaimed Dulcimer U at Western Carolina University, lead workshops and perform at festivals across the country.  Larry has won the prestigious National Mountain Dulcimer Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas while Elaine brings her extensive Nashville experience and talent to the duo.

Larry and Elaine Conger make a return visit to Melrose – it’s always a treat to experience these fine musicians and learn their beautiful arrangements.

Monday – February 18, 2019
Two hour-long workshops

  • Ensemble Arrangements
  • Duet Arrangements

Concert follows at 4:30pm – open to the public

The fun begins at 1:30pm!  Registration form – under construction


Past Workshops

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An Afternoon with Butch Ross!
Chattanooga multi-instrumentalist and mountain dulcimer maestro Butch Ross

Sunday – January 13, 2019
Two hour-long workshops:

  • Rhythms beyond 4/4 – adv. beginner and up
    Like the title says, an exploration of jigs, hornpipes and more. Even some odd times as well.
  • Beatles on Dulcimer – adv. beginner and up
    If you haven’t heard of the Beatles, you should really check ‘em out. They’re a great young band with a lot of potential!  DAD (capo required)

Concert at 4:30pm


screen shot 2019-01-15 at 1.50.30 pm

Little Liza Jane – a Dave Carter tune played with Butch’s own masterful style



An Afternoon with Anne Lough
Thursday – March 1, 2018
Beautiful voice, beautiful playing, beautiful songs to share!
Anne drew repertoire for our workshop from three themes and use them for specific techniques – especially strumming, smoothing out the playing, finger-picking, finger placement and expression:  Folk Hymns from the Shaped Note Tradition, Stephen Foster Tunes, and Celtic Treasures





An Afternoon with Larry and Elaine Conger
Monday – February 19, 2018
Ensemble pieces  – always a fun workshop experience  with Larry and Elaine!





SSAn afternoon with STEPHEN SEIFERT
Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Workshops like you’ve never experienced before.
1)  Effective Alternatives to Learning by Sheet Music
2)  The Music of David Schnaufer




Sunday, January 21, 2018
It was a great day of multi-part ensemble pieces, from a hymn to a waltz version of the fiddle tune Soldier’s Joy, entitled Soldier’s Joyful Waltz.  Our last workshop covered playing in other keys…very useful information!

Workshops in 2017

Tuesday – February 21, 2017

Sunday – January 22, 2017

Workshops in 2015 and 2016 – Atwater and Donnelly













2013 – Butch Ross

2012 – Erin and Amber Rogers

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